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Meeting World Food Needs with GM Rice?

Background Reports

GM Rice Research Group
GM Rice Research Team - l to r: Francis Mwaijande, Shoichi Ito, Alvaro Durand Morat, Ranjit Mane,
Eric Wailes, Eddie Chavez, Hans De Steur, Mohammad Jahangir Alam,
and not pictured, Zhihao Zheng, Alice Jin and Francis Tsiboe

EU - Rice Sector - GM (rice) - October 2012 presentation by Hans De Steur

Overview of Philippine Rice and GM Crops - October 2012 presentation by Eddie Chavez

Brief Description of the Colombian Rice Sector - October 2012 presentation by Alvaro Durand-Morat

Rice Sector in Bangladesh: What the Future Looks Like? - Presentation by Mohammad Jahangir Alam

Review of Genetically Modified Rice in India - October 2012 presentation by Ranjitsinh Mane

Agriculture in China - Successes, Challenges, and Prospects - Presentation by Zhihao Zheng

The Current Japanese Rice Situation - October 2012 presentation by Shoichi Ito

An Overview of Tanzania Rice Economy and National Bio-Safety Policy - February 2013 presentation by Francis Mwaijande